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We offer a unique combination of convenience, superior service, professional expertise and a wide range of quality products carefully selected to meet your branding and food service needs. We have selected Impact Canopy USA as our exclusive partner, because we believe in their quality, value and reliability. Whether you are working with or Impact Canopy, we have a full team behind every product and project that goes out the door. We are one in the same and pledge to keep your order moving in the right direction and provide you with consistently superior products at competitive prices.

Value & Reliability believes that a products’ true value isn’t measured by its price tag, but rather by the level of customer satisfaction it delivers….but by any measure, continues to provide be the world’s finest canopies. And when you also consider on-time delivery, factory-direct pricing and the 2/5 Year Limited Warranty, why would you settle for anything less?

Quality Craftmanship is able to consistently deliver an unmatched level of quality by keeping the entire manufacturing process in-house at our factories. Each canopy passes rigorous quality control inspections before it ships, insuring that each finished product you receive meets the highest standards.

Engineering Excellence
No other canopy offers as many exclusive features as found with From Quick Release Sliders for fast easy set-up to the adjustable Turn & Fit Peak Pole for a perfect fit… every time…..each patented feature is engineered to create a canopy that gives customers the kind of strength and ease of set-up not offered by any other product on the market.

Durability & Strength products are built to last with a durable framework in your choice of powder-coated steel or high-strength aluminum. The commercial grade form-fitting canopy tops and sidewalls are all fire certified and available in our Standard 500 Denier Polyester “Pro-Series” fabric . Each of these built-in features enhance durability, insuring your canopy will always exceed performance expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company, we look forward to exceeding your expectations, and making your experience with Food a satisfying one.

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